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Farm and Forest School

Our Farm and Forest School Program is designed for students ages 5 years and older.  

It is an excellent supplement to any curriculum related to

Biological Science,


Food Science,

and/or Electives in Home  


Homesteading and Sustainable Living,

Life Skills,

and Quality Character Building. 


More details below for our upcoming Spring Session



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Farm and Forest School - SPRING 2024

*Cost – Discounted Rate for 8 sessions paid in full $60 per child per day (pre-register by March 10, 2024 to receive 10% discount Spring Session)

Cost includes 1 adult (optional)

Additional Child (same family) 1/2 price per child per day

Price includes ONE parent only – additional adults $10 per day 

This program is designed for students to attend all 8 sessions, however, we do offer a limited number of Drop-In spots for students to attend a single date only.  Limited spots available.  You MUST register on our website (additional fees may apply)

Drop-Ins MUST register directly on our website – $70 per day (includes 1 adult)

*(some additional fees may apply for extra materials – TBA)

NOTE –   There is no refund for missed classes.  Classes will run rain-or-shine and we will only cancel/reschedule if weather conditions are unfavourably extreme.


Spring Session – Schedule of Events

The following schedule provides a brief overview of the main focus each day.  There will be other activities taking place and more details will be provided by email updates for each registered student.  Topics are subject to change.

Day 1 – April 4, 2024

“Raising Dairy Goats” – hand milking goats, feeding, health checkups, preparing for winter, breeding schedules and calculating birthing dates, giving meds, taking weights, treating with herbs, plus goat snuggles and playtime (BONUS – bottle-feeding the newest babies in the barn). Fun with goats never ends! Choose your favourite girl and learn all her quirky ways.

Day 2 – April 11, 2024

“Horsin’ Around on Ponies” – meet, groom, saddle up, lead and ride the ponies. Watch a training session with our own “horse-whispers”, Ava and Lexie, with Charlie and Winchester. We will also hook up the cart (or the sled, if we have snow) and see who pulls the most weight! Dress warm; we will be mostly outdoors.

Day 3 – April 18, 2024

“Story Time with Lil’ Critters” – bring your favourite barnyard story (and Mama Bear will bring hers), and we will make the stories come alive with the “real” characters. Snuggle and play with each storybook character as we read, sing and enjoy a fun time reading to our favourite little critters, including bunnies, baby lambs, chickens, ducks and piglets (of course, a few goats).

Day 4 – April 25, 2024

“Forest Play and Winter Survival Skills” – we will explore the woodlands, learn basic survival skills like fire-starting, building shelters and tying knots. We will also discuss the various hunting seasons and other items that we harvest from the woods. We will learn some processing skills from Papa Bear including deer skin tanning and see his antler collection.

Day 5 – May 2, 2024

“Say Cheese – Making” – we will start with a fresh batch of jersey milk from Blossom and turn it into delicious and nutritious cheese curds before the end of class. See how we make other amazing dairy products, like kefir, cheddar cheese and good ‘ol chèvre. BYO crackers and we’ll enjoy a homestead cheese feast! Mostly indoors, however, we will still take time to venture out for fresh air and a few animal snuggles.

Day 6 – May 9, 2024

“Goats Milk Soap Making” – watch how we transform and handcraft our own goats milk soap using real milk from our own little herd of goats. Using herbs from the herb garden, natural colours, dyes and essential oils, we will decorate a batch together. Each student will help cut a pre-made, hardened batch and will take home their own bar of soap to cure and use. Mostly indoors, however, we will still take time to venture out for fresh air and snuggles.

Day 7 – May 16, 2024

“Al-Packa Your Bags for School” – have you ever met an alpaca on your way to school? Not likely, unless you’re at Farm School. Together we will meet the alpacas, feed them treats, learn some interesting facts about them and take them for a walk…at “alpaca pace”. We will also take a peek at raw alpaca fibre and discover the steps needed to turn this into the most amazing soft and warm clothing.

Day 8 – May 23, 2024

“Herbs for Health and Crafty Kids” – let’s be our own doctor and learn how to use herbs as medicine. Together we will make our own herbal remedy to boost our immune system, make a moisturizing-rich healing salve and end by creating a fun herbal craft that will help us learn some of the basic herbs that we can grow this coming spring. Mostly indoors, however, we will still take time to venture out for fresh air and snuggles.