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Alpaca Encounters

We have recently started raising a small herd of alpacas here at Jireh Hills. Although we are still learning about this unique and adaptable species, we have garnered enough trust from these shy and curious wooly “friends” to welcome visitors to handle and enjoy them with us!

In 2020, we welcomed “little Pearl” to our homestead, and we hope to experience the birth of more cria here in the years ahead.  That same year, “Bear” joined our herd and is simply the friendliest and fluffiest boy that loves interacting with everyone!  While you’re here, you and your group will also walk and visit with Kira, Shekira and the friendly boys, Rainger and Patchie.

Alpacas are sheared annually, and if you are interested in joining us for that, please contact us in early spring to sign up. We will likely post a sign-up on our Facebook / Instagram Page during that time. There’s always a job for everyone to do!

If you are interested in purchasing some raw (untreated) alpaca wool that can be used for various crafts, bird nests, etc. it is available (while it lasts). You can add it to your CART, or if you forget, please ask us while you visit.

Alpacas also provide us with rich, ready-to-use dry manure that adds a wonderful component of nutrients to our AERATED COMPOST SYSTEM.

If you are interested in a more up-close & personal look at our alpacas, please JOIN us

If you are interested in a more up-close & personal

look at our alpacas, please JOIN us

  1. Meet our alpacas and learn some interesting fun facts about these adorable creatures
  2. Learn how alpacas contribute to our Homestead
  3. Halter and spend some time getting to know your alpaca up-close, learn the importance of earning his/her trust while you make physical contact
  4. Feed treats to your alpaca and learn what he/she loves best!
  5. Walk your alpaca around our alfalfa and treed trails, around the scenic ponds, through the orchard, and past several of our other homestead animals while enjoying the instant Human-Alpaca Bond created!!!
  6. During the warmer months, following our walk you can give your alpaca an Alpaca-Shower
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost : $24 per person
$14 (children 5 and Under)

NOTE – Children under 12 years old will NOT be allowed to walk without assistance.  We do have an fenced area were they can walk unassisted following the tour.

Babies FREE
20% Discount for Groups of 10 or more!!!