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Cheese & Yogurt Making

Come join us for a hands-on lesson in cheese and yogurt making.  We will be making fresh goat’s milk FETA and setting a batch of cultured yogurt while interacting and learning with our friendly little herd of dairy goats.

Meet Maple, Clava, Bambi & others from our friendly little herd of milking goats here at Jireh Hills Family Homestead.  See how we hand-milk our goats the old-fashioned way.  Learn how to culture fresh goat’s milk into delicious and nutritious FETA cheese and yogurt.

This class includes:

  1. A tour of our milking parlour and a visit with our little dairy herd of Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and mini-Nubian goats. We usually have a few baby goats running around too, so you may even get a chance to snuggle a baby goat!
  2. A hands-on look at how we milk our goats the old-fashioned way
  3. A step-by-step lesson in culturing, cutting and seasoning fresh FETA cheese
  4. A step-by-step lesson in culturing and setting fresh goat’s milk yogurt
  5. A Hand-out Guide explaining everything we did so you can easily make your own cheese and yogurt from scratch at home
  6. Ideas and suggestions for making various hard cheeses and cheese curds
  7. Resources and recipes to help you get started

Duration: 2 hours

  • All ages welcome (please be responsible for your own little ones)
  • All equipment provided

Perfect For:

  • Unique Birthday Surprise
  • Homeschool Classes
  • Girls Night-Out for Bridal Party/Baby Shower
  • Bucket List Adventure-Seekers
  • Cheese Lovers
  • Goat Lovers!!!

NOTE – You can organize your own large group session, or you are welcome to join a scheduled group
$60 per person

15% Discount for Groups of 5 or more

Pricing and scheduling subject to change due to supply costs!