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Hey fellow goat-lovers!

If you’ve landed on this page, I must apologize for my overabundance of writing!!! If you’re new to goats, you may be overwhelmed with details. On the other hand, if you’ve been raising goats for a while, you’ll completely understand the phrase “crazy goat lady” and appreciate the exhaustive descriptions.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about each of our goats and their unique and clever personalities. We raise registered Nubian, mini-Nubian and Nigarian dwarf goats. We absolutely LOVE our girls (and the boys too!), and if you are interested in meeting them or learning more about raising your own herd, please sign-up for one of our seasonal events, like Baby Goat Snuggles, Goat Keeping Class, etc.

Also, if you are interested in adding goats to your own herd, we will have babies for sale during the spring and summer months. I usually have a small waiting list, so don’t worry if you think you are contacting me too soon. Starting a small herd does require planning ahead! I recommend taking our Goat Keeping Class for more educational information and hands-on training. We look forward to possibly meeting you and your family one day, and if you’re just too far away, we hope just you enjoy the photos and descriptions anyway.

– Cheryl

“And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens”.
Proverbs 27:27

Mini Nubian Goats

A mini-Nubian is a cross between the Nubian and Nigerian dwarf, both amazing dairy breeds. The mini-Nubian is a desirable choice for folks looking for a ‘smaller’ version of a Nubian, but still wanting the larger milk volume than offered by the smaller Nigerian dwarf. As a breeder of mini-Nubians, our goal is to reach a Nubian look, ie. Long, pendulous ears, roman nose, but with the shorter legs and often colourful combinations found in the Nigerian dwarf. Obviously, we choose our best milkers too for optimal milk production. We label the resulting crosses as F1, F2, F3, etc. referring to how many generations they are away from their original purebred parents or grandparents.

We are looking forward to some exciting combinations as we select and organize our breeding program for future generations ahead. It’s sort of like playing with Punnet Squares in Biology class, or predicting Mendel’s Peas…making real Science ‘real’ again!

We will be updated this page regularly as kids become available. Our minis will NOT be registered as this is not currently available in the Canadian Goat Society. If you are a goat breeder and are interested in our mini-Nubian breeding program, please contact me, Cheryl, and we can discuss in more details. We are also looking for fellow mini breeders to share genetics with!!!

The Girls…F1, F2, F3 and beyond

F1: Amber (re-homed in 2023)

She’s a petite girl with pendulous ears, still an F1 but with a lineage of registered minis, she’s an “out of house” addition to get a jump start on our F2 generations. Arriving from a small goat herd outside of eastern Ontario, we are looking forward to seeing Amber’s F2 kids in the spring 2021.

Mini Nubian Goat

F1: Mabel Born 2022

A tiny polka-dot girl with blue eyes who we spoiled from the moment we laid eyes on her.  Her 2 big brothers took over the food source and she was never quite quick enough to get a drink, so we decided to bottle-feed her.  As a result, she is extremely attached to us, and she’s always the last to join the herd during the routine Goat Parade to the pasture.  We look forward to seeing her mama’s (Jireh Hills Maple) milking genetics flow through her kids.  In the meantime, we’re just going to enjoy spoiling her with attention and love.

Dam – Jireh Hills Maple (purebred nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Nut (F1 mini nubian)

F2: Annie Born 2021

Annie was our first mini-nubian ever born on our farm and qualifies as an F2 mini-nubian, meaning her sire, Nut was an F1 mini, and her dam, Amber, was and F1 mini.  She’s sweet like her mama, and we often call her “Sweet Annie”, like the sweet smelling herb that we find growing on the homestead.  Amber’s first freshening in 2023 proved her to be an amazing producer and easy-to handle girl on the milking stand.  She’s a favourite of most guests, and the little hands love to milk her.

Dam – Amber (F1 mini nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Nut (F1 mini nubian)

F2: Amber-Lea Born 2022

Amber-Lea carries mostly Nubian qualities, which is interesting so see as both her mama, Amber (F1) and her father, Copper (F1) carry a very Nubian look.  She’s taller than most minis and her ears are long and almost pendulous.  Her first babies are expected in spring 2024, and we look forward to finding out her milking potential.


Dam – Amber (F1 mini nubian)

Sire – Copper (F2 mini nubian)

mini nubian goat

Raspberry was our prize mini-nubian keeper of 2023.  Born as a single doeling, we couldn’t help but spoil her.  She comes a long held lineage of milking stars at Jireh Hills which takes her way back to our original nubian doe, Iris.

We will give her a year to grow and Raspberry will begin adding to our mini nubian herd in 2024.

Dam – Jireh Hills Maple Lea (purebred nubian)

Sire – Copper (F2 mini nubian)

The Bucks…F1, F2, F3 and beyond

F2: Copper

With his long ears and adorable face, we couldn’t resist bringing this fella into our starter herd of mini-Nubians. Coming from a line of established registered minis, we think his distinct Nubian look and small frame will bring the right genetics right away. Copper will be featured in our spring 2021 kid series and beyond.


Striker came to our herd in 2023 as a bottle baby.  His mother was purebred nubian with amazing milk production, and his father was a mini-nubian.

F1: Nut (re-homed 2021)

Our blue-eyed F1 mini-Nubian born here Spring 2020 from our own Jireh Hills Licorice’s Root AKA Bambi. A consistent milker combined with the steadfast genetics of our star Nigerian dwarf, Rocky Road, we are hopeful our little “Nut” will sire several F2 mini-Nubian doelings for 2021.

Dam – Jireh Hills Bambi (purebred nubian)

Sire – Rocky Road (purebred nigerian dwarf)

F1: Bolt (re-homed 2022)

We wanted to ensure some black colours in our starter herd, so we retained Bolt, with his flashy bolt of white lightening on his side. Sire is our own Jireh Hills Gill’s Duke, a long-standing Nigerian dwarf progeny around here and his dam is from one of our chosen herds that we brought in a few years ago, Cristal C Ehlia, AKA Blossom. With a bit of genetic juggling, we are hopeful for F2 mini-Nubian kids to match with Nut’s kids for future F3 generation.

Dam – Blossom (purebred nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Duke (purebred nigerian dwarf)

F1: Trifle Born 2022

This amazing little guy carries a huge Nubian looking gene coupled with one of our favourite milking mamas (Jireh Hills Maple), so we absolutely had to include him in our future breeding program.

Dam – Jireh Hills Maple (purebred nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Nut (F1 mini nubian)

Nigerian Dwarf Boys

Rocky Road


We brought RR in from an amazing dairy goat farm new Simcoe when he was just a little fella. We loved his blue eyes and white coat. He’s done an amazing job getting along with everyone and we adore the multi-colours that come out in his kids. Simply Rocky Road.



Since we keep all of Juniper’s girls, we figured we better hang on to one of her boys too!!! Amazing milking genetics from a mix of long-time breeders in the dairy goat industry. Duke is as friendly as his conformation.


Little Pebbles Brutus - D162536

We needed to bring new genetics to our small Nigerian dwarf herd, so we decided to try a polled, blue-eyed buckling.  Polled means that Brutus carries the gene for “no horns”, and although we do disbud all our kids on-site (it’s John Mark’s job because he’s the only one around here that able to do the extremely difficult task!), we wanted to see if he would pass the polled gene on to his kids.  His first kids will arrive in 2023, so we will be feeling for horn buds and keep you updated on the success rate

Nigerian Dwarf Girls

Poppy (RE-homed in Spring 2020)


Poppy was our first Nigerian dwarf mama to join our farm. She came from strong milking genetics and has NEVER given us a problem! She is a great mama, and she is definitely the ‘queen boss’ of the dwarfs! She usually grows a lovely black goatie over the winter, until her kids chew it off each spring.



Jazzy was born at Jireh Hills our first season with Nigerian dwarfs. She has a flashy white patch on her hind leg, and we often see that distinct mark on her kids. Genetics are so exciting to see unfold!



Juniper is Poppy’s daughter, and she is way easier-going than her mama. Interestingly, she loves to dance, so she often jumps up on visitors and asks for a dance! She isn’t shy about it either! She is a lovely multi-coloured girl with white speckles on her face and belly. She really just loves any attention she can get! She has a distinct letter “H” on her belly side, so we call her the alphabet mama as she seems to pass her letters along to her kids!

June Bug (RE-homed in Spring 2020)


June Bug, June Bug!!! There’s always one in every crowd and June Bug is it!!! We call her the ‘moocher’ as all her sisters pay her way around here (joke!). June Bug has NEVER given us a single kid, but we still love her to death. We were told that we could artificially induce a heat cycle to ‘kick start’ her hormones into action, but we decided to just let nature takes its toll. She gets a free stay around here, but she’s worth it!!!

Blue Belle


Our first blue-eyed doeling, Blue Belle was an easy keeper. She’s a daughter to Juniper and very similar to her in temperament. Although, she has officially learned to dance yet, she’s a friendly girl that loves her armpits tickled!!!

Little Clover


Shy and sweet, but kinda’ taken advantage of by her pen-mates, we always have to keep an eye that Clover isn’t getting too pushed around. Clover is meek and quiet and never causes a problem. She likes to be alone sometimes, especially with her new babies. She takes mama-hood very serious and enjoys snuggle time with her babies.



Another daughter of Juniper, and half-sister to Blue Belle, Tansy was immediately a part of the family. She came out spelling letter “A” and “L”, so our daughters, Ava and Lexie, just knew she had to stay here. Her first kids should arrive spring 2020, so we’ll just wait to see what letters they spell.


Jireh Hills Indigo – D156514

Jazzy’s daughter with blue eyes from her father, Rocky Road. She a sweet and affectionate girl that has been a bit spoiled around here. She loves snuggles and won’t hesitate to fall asleep on your lap if you rub her the right way!


Jireh Hills Huron’s Holly

Holly has a history that started here at conception, although she was born at another amazing farm, Huron Farms, and made her way back here before she delivered her first kid in 2020. We are super excited that she returned to us, and we absolutely love her easy-going attitude and friendly attitude with all the other goats. She is often a pen mate to keep other goats company, cuz she just gets along with everyone!


Jireh Hills Peppercorn - D164092

We were completely surprised when mama, Jireh Hills Juniper, popped only this single doeling out in Spring 2022.  Juniper was so huge, and we were prepared for a big litter of kids.  To our surprise and pleasure, just one big Peppercorn arrived and she hasn’t stopped growing and finding a place in everyone’s heart since that day.

Nubian Boys

Sonnie (Re-homed Summer 2019)


Tall, dark and handsome, Sonnie is a super friendly and affectionate fella’. Raised by a wonderful family before joining us here at Jireh Hills. Sonnie threw beautiful and strong kids that we retained for future milking genetics.

Baldwin (Re-homed Fall 2020)


Junior herd sire, for now! Baldwin in the son of Sonnie, and proudly wears his mama, Clava’s white belt. We are excited to see Baldwin’s future kids in 2021.

Clif (rehomed in 2020)


Retained from super milking genetics from his mama, Saffron, a homesteader goat that is no longer with us. We are excited to see Clif’s kids in 2020. Maybe we’ll see a few of his spots come through as well.

registered nubian goat buck



Born here at Jireh Hills in the spring 2020, we knew this guy was a keeper when we laid eyes on his moon spots. He’s black, white, brown and full of spunk; sure to throw unique kids with surprises every time. A true product of Jireh Hills, sired by our own Clif and one of our most consistent heavy milkers, Clava. He’s out of this world, but we’re glad he landed here!

registered nubian goat buck


Jireh Hills Remington - CN164099

We are excited to have retained genetics from crazy old Daphne (who can remember meeting Daphne during our goat encounters)?  A big milk producer with overall BIG genetics.  So far, this little fella is living up to his name in size and craziness.

registered nubian goat buck

Captain Thunder

Turtlewood CHT Darwin - N157674

“Captain” was brought to Jireh Hills late in 2022 in order to add totally new genetics to our herd.  We do our best to select our in-coming goats from small herds where they are raised with similar attention and love that we give our goats here.  Captain is the “gentle giant” that doesn’t seem to bother anyone, and he fit right in with our buck herd from day one.  He missed the 2022 breeding season, however, we look forward to seeing his kids in our 2023 kidding season.

Nubian Girls

Maple (passed away in 2023)


Maple is the “Queen” of the herd. She is a solid girl with a black coat and a copper undertone that shimmers in the sunlight (reminds you of maple syrup!). She loves attention and will stand beside you, rubbing your arm until you pet her. If you happen to be the first one to show her attention, she will stick to you like glue. Maple is not shy (at all!), and she likes to tell the rest of the goat-girls what to do! She gives us loads of milk and usually gives birth to boys (like, every time!).

Clara (passed away in 2023)


Clara is a bigger girl with a white belt with black spots on her underbelly that makes her look like a Holstein?? cow. She is usually quiet and loves to be milked. She doesn’t always warm up to strangers right away, but if you have treats, she quickly gets over her shyness! She is best friends with Clava, so you will usually find them together.