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Surrounded by the beauty of creation, the quiet sounds of nature and the sweet smells of fragrant blossoms, we invite you to come experience the splendors of summer and fall at Jireh Hills Little Blooms & Blossoms.  Inspired by their natural love & pleasure for picking flowers, our youngest daughters led us to embrace this passion with a large-scale flower garden surrounded by all the splendors of nature.   Little Blooms & Blossoms is a young girl’s delightful escape!  Of course, all ages are welcome.

Walk our paths amongst dahlias, lilies, cosmos, sunflowers, gerberas, calendula and wildflowers, just to name a few of the beauty and blossoms you will behold while you are here.  Sit for a relaxing time of solitude beside the fragrant herb garden while you listening to the buzzing sounds of busy honey bees at work.  Stop and say “Hello” to the friendly ponies, Charlie, Chickadee, Sapphire and Misty while you pass along the pasture fence line.  And, don’t forget to attract the attention of the curious alpaca boys, Rainger and Patchie, who will be close-by your side as you relax and pick your bouquet of flowers.

Let your creative mind be inspired as you take your time & design your own unique bouquet to take home and enjoy!

This event includes:

  1. A quick overview & tour of the garden areas
  2. Assistance with flower identification and clipping techniques
  3. Clippers, fresh water and mason jar (bring your own jar and save $$$)
  4. Take photos, sip tea and relax in amongst the flowers
  5. Pull a few weeds, if you feel inclined (wink wink)
  6. Fresh Herbs available for an additional cost (seasonal)

Duration: 1 hour

$15 per person (includes your own jar & flowers)
$2 discount if you bring your own mason jar
Fresh Herbs (peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, oregano, basil, catnip, lemon balm, hyssop, stevia, sage) available seasonally