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Mini Nubian Goats

A mini-Nubian is a cross between the Nubian and Nigerian dwarf, both amazing dairy breeds. The mini-Nubian is a desirable choice for folks looking for a ‘smaller’ version of a Nubian, but still wanting the larger milk volume than offered by the smaller Nigerian dwarf. As a breeder of mini-Nubians, our goal is to reach a Nubian look, ie. Long, pendulous ears, roman nose, but with the shorter legs and often colourful combinations found in the Nigerian dwarf. Obviously, we choose our best milkers too for optimal milk production. We label the resulting crosses as F1, F2, F3, etc. referring to how many generations they are away from their original purebred parents or grandparents.

We are looking forward to some exciting combinations as we select and organize our breeding program for future generations ahead. It’s sort of like playing with Punnet Squares in Biology class, or predicting Mendel’s Peas…making real Science ‘real’ again!

We will be updated this page regularly as kids become available. Our minis will NOT be registered as this is not currently available in the Canadian Goat Society. If you are a goat breeder and are interested in our mini-Nubian breeding program, please contact me, Cheryl, and we can discuss in more details. We are also looking for fellow mini breeders to share genetics with!!!

The Girls…F1, F2, F3 and beyond

F1: Amber (re-homed in 2023)

She’s a petite girl with pendulous ears, still an F1 but with a lineage of registered minis, she’s an “out of house” addition to get a jump start on our F2 generations. Arriving from a small goat herd outside of eastern Ontario, we are looking forward to seeing Amber’s F2 kids in the spring 2021.

Mini Nubian Goat

F1: Mabel Born 2022

A tiny polka-dot girl with blue eyes who we spoiled from the moment we laid eyes on her.  Her 2 big brothers took over the food source and she was never quite quick enough to get a drink, so we decided to bottle-feed her.  As a result, she is extremely attached to us, and she’s always the last to join the herd during the routine Goat Parade to the pasture.  We look forward to seeing her mama’s (Jireh Hills Maple) milking genetics flow through her kids.  In the meantime, we’re just going to enjoy spoiling her with attention and love.

Dam – Jireh Hills Maple (purebred nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Nut (F1 mini nubian)

F2: Annie Born 2021

Annie was our first mini-nubian ever born on our farm and qualifies as an F2 mini-nubian, meaning her sire, Nut was an F1 mini, and her dam, Amber, was and F1 mini.  She’s sweet like her mama, and we often call her “Sweet Annie”, like the sweet smelling herb that we find growing on the homestead.  Amber’s first freshening in 2023 proved her to be an amazing producer and easy-to handle girl on the milking stand.  She’s a favourite of most guests, and the little hands love to milk her.

Dam – Amber (F1 mini nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Nut (F1 mini nubian)

F2: Amber-Lea Born 2022

Amber-Lea carries mostly Nubian qualities, which is interesting so see as both her mama, Amber (F1) and her father, Copper (F1) carry a very Nubian look.  She’s taller than most minis and her ears are long and almost pendulous.  Her first babies are expected in spring 2024, and we look forward to finding out her milking potential.


Dam – Amber (F1 mini nubian)

Sire – Copper (F2 mini nubian)

mini nubian goat

Raspberry was our prize mini-nubian keeper of 2023.  Born as a single doeling, we couldn’t help but spoil her.  She comes a long held lineage of milking stars at Jireh Hills which takes her way back to our original nubian doe, Iris.

We will give her a year to grow and Raspberry will begin adding to our mini nubian herd in 2024.

Dam – Jireh Hills Maple Lea (purebred nubian)

Sire – Copper (F2 mini nubian)

The Bucks…F1, F2, F3 and beyond

F2: Copper

With his long ears and adorable face, we couldn’t resist bringing this fella into our starter herd of mini-Nubians. Coming from a line of established registered minis, we think his distinct Nubian look and small frame will bring the right genetics right away. Copper will be featured in our spring 2021 kid series and beyond.


Striker came to our herd in 2023 as a bottle baby.  His mother was purebred nubian with amazing milk production, and his father was a mini-nubian.

F1: Nut (re-homed 2021)

Our blue-eyed F1 mini-Nubian born here Spring 2020 from our own Jireh Hills Licorice’s Root AKA Bambi. A consistent milker combined with the steadfast genetics of our star Nigerian dwarf, Rocky Road, we are hopeful our little “Nut” will sire several F2 mini-Nubian doelings for 2021.

Dam – Jireh Hills Bambi (purebred nubian)

Sire – Rocky Road (purebred nigerian dwarf)

F1: Bolt (re-homed 2022)

We wanted to ensure some black colours in our starter herd, so we retained Bolt, with his flashy bolt of white lightening on his side. Sire is our own Jireh Hills Gill’s Duke, a long-standing Nigerian dwarf progeny around here and his dam is from one of our chosen herds that we brought in a few years ago, Cristal C Ehlia, AKA Blossom. With a bit of genetic juggling, we are hopeful for F2 mini-Nubian kids to match with Nut’s kids for future F3 generation.

Dam – Blossom (purebred nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Duke (purebred nigerian dwarf)

F1: Trifle Born 2022

This amazing little guy carries a huge Nubian looking gene coupled with one of our favourite milking mamas (Jireh Hills Maple), so we absolutely had to include him in our future breeding program.

Dam – Jireh Hills Maple (purebred nubian)

Sire – Jireh Hills Nut (F1 mini nubian)